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If you live by yourself and paychecks are hard to find, a trip to a massage therapist really isn’t in the budget. If you have a significant other who is reluctant to give a massage when needed, it would be nice to have an affordable and useful alternative. The Ohuhu Percussion Electric Massager  could be the solution you’ve been trying to find.

This single head percussion massager provides users with 4 different massage options. You can work on your sore muscles with the reflexology node, take advantage of the 3-head node for deep tissue needs, or use the scalp massager to handle tension headaches. The fourth node is intended for use on the extremities.

With acute percussion therapy, you can quickly relieve muscle tension, but there is a catch. If you use it too often during a single session, you may find your muscles end up being sorer than when you first started.

How Does the Ohuhu Massager Work?

This is one of the few massage tools that does a reasonably good job of mimicking what a human massage is like. In 15 minutes, you can work on a specific part of the body, release tension, and then switch out heads to repeat the process.

There are 4 modes available for use, rated from R1-R4. For R1, there is no gap time for the vibration feature. On the other end of the spectrum, R4 offers the shortest gap time while vibrating.

We’ll ignore the fact that the R4 mode is described by the manufacturer as being “fit for the housewives.” And we’d love to invite the Ohuhu marketing department to the 21st century.

It offers a timing function that will shut the massager off before the 15-minute work cycle if that is preferred. When combined with the long handle, you can reach all portions of your back or even massage the soles of your feet without difficulty.

What We Discovered Over the Course of Our Review

  • There is a bit of a gap between the massage node on this model and the motor shaft. If you’re not careful, long hair can get trapped between the two and it can get wrapped into the device.
  • The massager is a bit on the heavy side as well. A workaround for it would be to lay the massager on the ground or a firm mattress and then move your body into the vibrating head to achieve the needed massage. We found that for most applications, the average person would need two hands to complete the massage.
  • Unlike other massagers, the attachment heads are made from plastic instead of rubber, which makes it necessary to angle the massager just right so that it will hit the muscle without an impact that is too hard.
  • The percussion effect is more of a vibration, which is nice for light-to-medium massage needs. Deep tissue massages require grinding the node into the muscle and that vibration can resonate throughout the head.

Overall, for a budget-friendly purchase, we found the Ohuhu Percussion Handheld Massager to be of an expected value. It isn’t perfect by any means and there are some issues to work around, but it can give you a decent massage and save you some cash at the same time.

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