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There are times when a light massage is the best option to relieve tension and pain from the neck and shoulders. Then there are the times when you need a deep muscle relaxer to tackle the toughest muscle knots. The Naturalico Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager allows you to add heat and create the perfect intensity with its multiple massage nodes so that you can create the right amount of pressure and contact for the perfect massage.

Although there are only 4 massage nodes with this design, the positioning of the nodes is notable. They work to support the targeted muscles so they don’t spasm and tighten up once again just minutes after the massage. The movement of the nodes encourages tension to release as well, making this a great massager to take with you almost anywhere.

How Well Does the Naturalico Massager Perform?

The most impressive aspect of this neck and shoulder massager is its overall profile. At 4 pounds, it weighs half of what other massagers do in this category, making it a solid option for almost anyone. You can add soothing heat to the massage if you want, control the direction of the massage, or even take it with you on a road trip thanks to the AC adapter that is included in the box.

The intensity of the massage from this Naturalico model is somewhat light compared to other models, but still reasonably effective. You’ll notice that it is working, though it isn’t going to dig really deep into your neck to work on ligaments, tendons, or bands that might be inflamed. If you discover that the pressure along the neck and shoulders isn’t quite right, use this as a foot massage option and you’ll be satisfied.

You’ll want to make sure you’re either sitting up or standing when using this massager. Putting extra pressure on it causes the mechanism to grind and this can lead to a premature end-of-life scenario. You can pull lightly on it to increase pressure a little, but that’s about it.

Our Discoveries During the Review

  • The power cord is the primary weakness of this product’s design. It tends to disconnect very easily, even when you stay within the reach of the cord. It offers an automatic shutoff, but because it disconnected so easily, we never reached it.
  • Without the hand supports, this massager does get a bit heavy on the neck. You will want to avoid looking downward when using this massager because that could increase the tension that you’re trying to work out.
  • The heat function on this massager is present, but it doesn’t provide something that would be described as “hot.” It’s gentle and encourages muscle relaxation, but if you like a hot massage, this won’t provide it.

If you’re looking for a massage tool that is reasonably priced so you can avoid going to the masseuse, then the Naturlico Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager is an excellent option to consider. There are a lot of positive takeaways with this massager and its entry-level pricing makes it an attractive option for almost every budget.

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