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If you’ve got sore feet at the end of the day, a foot spa is an excellent option to find relief. The only problem is that many foot spas are nothing more than a glorified bucket that allows you to soak your feet in hot water. The Ivation Foot Spa Massager is a much better option. It offers automatic massage rollers, bubbles, vibration, and controls that are digitally adjustable.

Even many foot massagers won’t work on your heels, but this foot spa makes sure all aches and pains are targeted. It even provides some relief to ankles and calves that can be sore after a full day of being on your feet. Add in the vibrating massage and motorized rollers and the relaxation experience becomes complete.

How Does the Ivation Foot Spa Massager Work?

The foot spa design created by Ivation is still a little like a bucket, but you do have two zones that allow for independent foot massages. The rollers come in about mid-foot, right near the arches, and that can be a strange feeling for some users. Multiple water jets are included with the design as well, taking pressure off the feet while giving them light stimulation that encourages relaxation.

The Ivation Foot Spa Massager is compatible with most essential oils, providing you with an aromatherapy option if desired. Larger items, such as flower petals or fresh herbs, can be added, but must be manually removed during the cleaning process.

With the heat function included on the foot spa, it is possible to increase the water temperature above 120F. You’ll know what is going on with your massage session thanks to the push-button controls and LED display that is on the front of the unit. A slight canopy extends over the toes to prevent splashing, but on the highest settings, it is possible to have water escape every now and then.

Our Impressions of the Ivation Foot Spa Massager

  • Although it isn’t listed, using Epsom salts in this foot spa is possible. Over time, however, it may reduce the effectiveness of the water jets and roller, so use with caution.
  • There is a button on the top of the foot spa to control the motorized rollers for your feet. The foot spa is just as effective without the rollers as it is with them, so this feature is more about personal preference.
  • There’s enough room within the foot spa for a size 13 foot to fit comfortably.
  • Most foot spas eventually experience a reduction in water temperature over time. This Ivation model does not. You can actually load it with cold water and it will heat it to the desired temperature if you wish.
  • The plastic rollers do tend to leave the feet sore after the first few uses. Consider leaving them off if your feet are somewhat sensitive.

The Ivation Foot Spa Massager is an excellent investment for those who spend all day on their feet. Pick up yours today and your feet will thank you every time you use it.

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