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Please note: the manufacturer does not recommend this foot massager to be used by anyone who has been given a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Sometimes the best products are those that get all the basics correct. There aren’t many bells or whistles that come with the product, but a common-sense design allows it to be quite effective. That’s the best way to describe the Homedics FMS-270H Foot Massager.

It features a surface- based design with 6 total points of contact, split into 3 small massage nodes at each contact point. These nodes rotate to provide a Shiatsu-style massage while the feet rest on top of the equipment. You have a heat option at your disposal and the controls are all designed to be accessed by the foot.

If you struggle to get your feet into a slipper-style foot massager, this option is worth taking a closer look.

How Well Does the Homedics Foot Massager Work?

What is first noticed about this foot massager is how quiet it is. You can use it while watching TV with the family and not need to worry about turning up the volume. That means you can take it to work if you wish or anywhere else where sitting for prolonged periods is expected.

Out of all the different foot massagers that were tested, the Homedics FMS-270H did the best job in handling a case of plantar fasciitis. There is still a little discomfort present, but the overall massage is slightly lighter than other designs offer.

When the heat function is used, there is a noticeable amount of therapy that comes through the massager. This really helps to improve the circulatory system and loosens up the tight muscles in the foot. It can turn the foot slightly pink during a longer massage session.

If you’re looking for deep kneading action, this isn’t going to be the right foot massager for you. That makes it the perfect option for those who may have sensitive feet.

What We Discovered During Our Review

  • There are times when this massager seems to tickle the foot more than provide it with a massage. It takes a few minutes to get used to the feeling. Even on the first session, however, there was no discomfort and the feet felt better.
  • Shoe sizing is standard for this foot massager. It works well up to a men’s size 13.
  • The cover sheet for the rotating massage heads is made from a cloth, so bearing down to get a tougher massage really isn’t an option with this equipment. Pushing too hard on it does seem to cause the cloth mesh to fray.
  • The massage heads on this machine just turn in circles, so there isn’t any tapping or percussion that can help to provide a deeper massage.

For those with sensitive feet, the Homedics FMS-270H Foot Massager does a good job. It may not be for those who want a deep tissue massage, but it will provide heated therapy that can make most feet feel better. That’s why it earns our recommendation today.

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