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In the world of foot spas, there are two general options. You can have automated massage features or you can have manually activated massage features. The Giantex Portable Foot Spa Bath provides the latter. There are six flat side rollers incorporated into the design of this foot spa, along with two smaller side motors.

Because of this, the only noise produced by this foot spa is the vibration and bubbles, which is quite minimal. You can use it without disturbing others, hold a conversation, or watch a movie at home without difficulty.

How Well Does the Giantex Portable Foot Spa Bath Work?

The best feature of this foot spa is that it heats on its own. The element built into the design of this model takes a little time to get going, but it will heat up your water like a champ. After 15-20 minutes, it feels like your feet have their own personal sauna to use. It will also read the temperature for you, though the gauge is Celsius-based instead of Fahrenheit-based, which could be bothersome for a few folks.

There is a drain feature included with this foot spa as well, though the location of it is a little questionable. Because the inside port is about 1-inch up from the bottom of the unit, you must tip over the foot spa to get the remainder of the water to drain. That last inch of water tends to hold the dead skin and other items that came off the foot during the bath, which creates the possibility of the drain clogging.

The rollers with this foot spa get the job done. It’s especially nice for those who have flatter or higher arches. When combined with a longer power cord and the ability to heat water instead of trying to maintain its temperature, there’s a lot of good stuff going on here with this design.

What We Discovered During Our Review

  • There are casters on the bottom of this foot spa, allowing you to move it across hard floors rather easily, even if it is full of water. There’s also a handle built into the frame of the foot spa, making it easy to carry around when it is empty.
  • The foot spa also comes with a lid that you remove when you’re ready to stick your feet into the deep container. In total, we discovered the unit can hold about 4 liters of water without creating much of a mess.
  • The digital controls are at the top of the machine and nicely sized for most toes, making it easy to change your settings whenever desired.
  • The rollers can massage the feet in all directions, though finding the right combination of movements can be a bit tricky when your feet are already sore.
  • Red light exposure is an included feature, as is a variable vibration, though the impacts of these features seem to be somewhat minimal.

Considering the price and how well it heats water, the Giantex Portable Foot Spa Bath feels like a good investment option. If you like a hot foot soak and are tired of foot spas that only give you 20 minutes max to relax, then you’re going to love what this product can do for you.

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