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Many wrap-around designs for modern massagers are good for using around the neck, but not really anywhere else. If you’re making the investment into a massager, wouldn’t it be nice to have a product that could work with your legs, abdomen, arms, and back? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you use the Five Star S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager.

It features 8 kneading rollers where you control the direction of the massage. A simple one-button command allows you to reverse directions so you’re not stuck with an automatic interval-based system. You also have one-button control over the heat feature that is included with this massager.

Does the Five Star S Neck and Back Massager Work Well?

With a power cord length of 10 feet, you have a better range of motion when using this neck and should massager compared to other models. Although the heat function only turns on and off, you do have extra portability with a DC to AC adapter so you can use it in a vehicle.
Governors are in place to prevent the massager from overheating. The manufacturer recommends a maximum run-time of 45 minutes to prevent an automatic shutoff from happening. If the shutoff does happen, it takes between 1-3 hours for the unit to cool enough so it can be used again.

To keep costs down, there are some compromises made on the quality of the unit. Velcro and Styrofoam are used for supports and these tend to wear down over time. A 3-year factory warranty is included with the product, which is about what we foresee being the overall lifespan of the massager with regular use.

What We Discovered During Our Review

  • The massage nodes on this product tend to pinch, especially if there is extra “padding” along the shoulders. Take care not to press down when using this massager to lessen the risks of an injury occurring.
  • Even without pressure, we found the actual massage to be one of the most aggressive offered in this category. You may wish to include a buffer between your neck and shoulders and the massage tool for the first few sessions.
  • The massager was surprisingly heavy as well, so for individuals that may have concerns with muscle weakness, this is likely not the right product to use.
  • The straps on this unit make it easy to adjust where the massage nodes are placed so targeted therapies can be self-initiated.
  • You can move the massager to various parts of the body, but we would not recommend wrapping it around any sensitive areas.

If your budget is tight and you’re struggling with headaches, chronic tension, or similar issues, then the Five Star S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager offers the chance to find relief. It may take a little practice to control some of the negative outcomes this product may bring, but once you do, you may find this little massager to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

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