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Hot water is one of the best ways to revive tired feet. Add in some light massage, perhaps a few bubbles, and even sore feet can feel like a million bucks once again. With Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa, you won’t need to spend what seems like a million bucks to feel better. It offers the features of high-end foot spas, plus a few extras, so you can create a customized massage experience.

One of the nicest features is the included pumice stone. Although it is somewhat small, you can use it rather effectively after your feet have soaked for some time in the foot spa. Just place your foot on the top of the spa and you can target those rough calluses that need some treatment.

That’s also where you access the massage roller with this design.

How Does the Dr. Scholl’s Foot Spa Work?

This foot spa makes sure to get the basics right. You fill it up with hot water and then it works to maintain that heat over time so your feet can feel better. A 5-piece pedicure system is included in the box so you can work on other aspects of foot care at the same time if you wish. The bubbles aren’t powerful, but they do feel nice, and there is an extensive splash guard that works pretty well.

The unique aspect of this design is something you’re either going to love or going to hate. You need to physically remove your foot from the water to access the massage roller and the pumice stone. If you set your heel on the roller, placing your foot down can cause you to hit the power button on the foot spa. That means you need to hold your foot in place and not everyone will enjoy doing that.

There are some size restrictions with this foot spa as well. A size 12 foot can fit in it, but anything larger would require a different product.

What We Discovered During Our Review

  • The goal of this foot spa isn’t to generate heat. It offers a weak element that works to maintain hot water levels over time. You’re going to get about 15-20 minutes of use per session with this model.
  • The bottom of the foot spa, where your feet rest, isn’t always comfortable on a sore foot. You may find yourself lifting your feet just a bit during your first few uses.
  • This foot spa is somewhat shallow, so overflow can be an issue until you get the water levels right for your feet.
  • The volume output of this foot spa is a lot louder than other models in this category. You’re going to notice that it’s being used throughout the home.

If you need a basic foot spa that will help you soak your feet and do light massage, then Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa could help you find relief. It is an entry-level model with some decent features that, if used correctly, can take care of your feet.

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