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Many of the neck and shoulder massagers offered today offer a nice 4-node design that can attack your spots of greatest tension. What would happen if the number of nodes was doubled and you were given speed and directional options? The answer can be found in the ComfySure Shiatsu Electric Shoulder and Neck Massager.

This massager is sized well for most people, without long straps that dangle down and cause you to fiddle with your hands. The control mechanism is placed higher than the strap as well, which prevents accidental changes to the massage. With targeted heat and supportive movements, this is a fantastic massager that comes at an even better price.

How Well Does the ComfySure Massager Work?

If you’re looking for a neck and shoulder massager that can produce a reasonably high level of heat, this is the one you’re going to want. The heat levels are so high, in fact, that the automatic shutoff kicks in after 10 minutes of use. You’ll be able to get 2 full cycles of massage per use out of this massager before it needs to cool down.

It does an excellent job of helping to manage acute pain while reducing chronic pain levels when incorporated with other management techniques. You can also wrap this massager around other body parts to calm muscle twitches, work out a Charley horse, and other common muscle complaints.

Each command is operated by a single push-button, making the controls super simple to use. You do need to cycle through the different speeds, however, so if you miss the right speed the first time, you’ll need to keep pressing the control button until you get back to the correct setting.

Because the hand straps sit a bit higher than on other models, taller individuals may find the ergonomics of this massager to be a little uncomfortable. For the average person, the shape, size, and length are just right for a good session of self-massage therapy.

What We Discovered During Our Review

  • The rotating massage heads, when combined with the heat of the massager, can create a pretty intense experience. It isn’t overly firm, but you are going to feel the massage for some time afterward.
  • The manufacturer claims the massager can help with “spinal alignment and posture.” Maybe if you stand upright and stick your hands into the sleeves, but long-term alignment issues aren’t really corrected with this equipment.
  • This massager is FDA-approved and you can tell when the heat is on because the massage nodes will turn red.
  • The power cord is a little over 6 feet in length, which is just long enough to sit in a chair and use this massager. The idea of standing to use it would require an extension cord, which isn’t recommended, or for you to stand right along the wall to use the massager.

Outside of the incredulous marketing claims, we found the ComfySure Shiatsu Electric Shoulder and Neck Massager to be a reasonably good massage tool. It can be used daily to work out stress, including rough, chronic issues, and that makes it an excellent value purchase.

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