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If you’ve ever been to the chiropractor, then one of the best moments of your short appointment is the brief spurt of massage received to loosen up the muscles around your neck and spine. The high rhythm percussion instantly relaxes you – until you start receiving your adjustment, that is. With the Body Sport 2-Speed Professional Massager, you’ll receive the same relaxing experience before your chiropractic adjustment for a much longer massage.

There is one drawback to this handheld massager. If you need to work on your back, you’ll need to have someone run the massager up and down for you. The two-handle design does make it possible to work on your neck, shoulders, and other key areas on your own.

How Well Does the Body Sport Massager Work?

There isn’t a better massager in this category when it comes to releasing muscle tension. Some may argue that for the price, that should be a guarantee. It is. This massager is built for professional use, which means it is intended to be run frequently throughout the day, every day. It is rated for clinical and professional massage therapy settings.

Despite the heavyweight nature of this model, it really doesn’t weight that much at just 7 pounds. With one hand, you can use this massager on your hamstrings, arms, and feet with little difficulty. A foot massage with this Body Sport model is about as close to heaven as one can get.

The dual-speed design helps you target sore spots that may be aggravated by the heavier percussion action as well, which means you really can get a full body massage on a regular basis. Compared to the cost of a professional masseuse, this massager would pay for itself in just 3 trips.

It even includes a soft vinyl cover on the massage node, allowing for the unit to move over clothing without binding or snagging.

Here’s What We Discovered During Our Trial

  • We’re keeping this product. It really is that good.
  • One of the most effective ways to target difficult-to-reach areas is to lean the massager up against the bed or a chair. You can then hit the areas of your lower or upper back that can be tough to hit with the two-handle design of the massager.
  • There is a size concern with this massager for those who may be looking to have targeted massages in specific areas.
  • The percussive action of the massager is often compared to what individuals experience at their local chiropractor. Some doctors use a highly percussive approach, while others use more of a buzzy, vibrational approach. This massager fits about halfway between those two extremes.
  • Although the massager does emit a low, constant humming sound, the overall experience is fairly quiet. There are many massagers in other categories that are much louder than this one and regularly praised for how quiet they are, so sound isn’t really a bother.

If your muscle tension needs a tough tool to break through it, then the Body Sport 2-Speed Professional Massager is ready to get to work. We think you’re going to love it as much as we do.

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