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Massage and Its Benefits for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes widespread pain, weakness, and fatigue throughout the musculoskeletal system. Localized areas can become very tender with this condition. Except for osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal condition that is diagnosed in the world today.

If tenderness and pain are such critical issues with fibromyalgia, how could massage help to provide relief? And could self-massage products, such as a massage chair pad, really provide daily relief?

Massage with Fibromyalgia Requires Open Communication

Fibromyalgia makes the body become extremely sensitive to touch. If visiting a masseuse, it is critically important to keep your communication lines open during the massage. If you experience any sort of discomfort, immediately say something.

You may wish to visit a masseuse who is familiar with the various pain-point locations that are associated with fibromyalgia.

The investment is worthwhile. Fibromyalgia symptoms lower when the body releases natural chemicals in response to massage therapy and exercise. If you feel too tired to go take a walk, consider having a massage to reduce the symptoms of a flare-up so you can continue to enjoy your quality of life.

As an extra benefit, each massage for fibromyalgia has a compounding effect for many individuals. Every massage helps to reduce the potential for long-term symptoms.

What About Self-Massage for Fibromyalgia?

Since the effects of massage continue to build, the ability to provide a self-massage can help to provide an immense amount of relief. Out of all the various massage products that are available today, a massage chair pad or full massage recliner are your best options.

These self-massage products allow you to customize the massage so you don’t receive unwanted pressure on a vulnerable area. Vibration and heat are features included with many of the products, which promotes muscle relaxation. That promotes pain reduction as well.

Many who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia find that with regular massage, they are able to have sleep that is more restful. Better sleep allows the body to repair itself more effectively, which further promotes a reduction of symptoms.

Massage improves circulation throughout the body and that can provide relief to the pressure points of the condition. Many who suffer from fibromyalgia headaches find the severity and frequency of those headaches are reduced with regular massage.

What Type of Massage Chair Pad Works Best for Fibromyalgia?

Because every medical condition is unique to the individual, it would be impossible to say that one massage chair pad, massage recliner, or other self-massage option is better than another to provide relief.

There are some features that people who suffer from fibromyalgia may wish to avoid. Shiatsu kneading points can be aggressive and quite painful when they hit a tender point. Some chair pads provide “rollers” that move up and down the entire back, which can hit several tender points at once.

Look for a massage chair pad that has smaller and predictable points of contact for the best results

Regular massage, along with light exercise, can make your fibromyalgia symptoms feel a lot better. Explore your options today so you can get life back to your preferred definition of normal.

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