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Health Issues That Can Be Improved by a Foot Massage

You’ve got some tired, aching feet. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a great foot massage?

You could hire a professional masseuse to give you that massage. You could use a foot spa. You could even use one of the best foot massagers and give yourself one.

That massage can provide you with some sweet relief. It may also help you handle some of these common health issues at the same time.

1. Libido.

Give your significant other a foot massage and you may find more intimate opportunities coming your way. Add in some quiet music, a few candles, and a little massage oil and let the moment take you wherever it wants to go.

2. Injuries.

A foot massage helps to strengthen the muscles around the metatarsal joints, the ankle, and the toe knuckles, which are common points of soreness and injury. Once a joint is sprained or injured, it is much easier to repeat the same injury. With a regular massage, you can lessen the risk of that occurring.

3. Mental Health.

A foot massage can help to reduce anxiety levels almost immediately in some individuals. It can provide relief to difficult mental health symptoms that are associated with depression. Massage is even known to temper the effects of dementia. If you live in a high-stress environment, it may be helpful to schedule a daily foot massage so you can relieve the tension and maintain your mood.

4. Migraines.

The University of Miami School of Medicine published a study in The International Journal of Neuroscience that showed 60% of migraine sufferers who received a weekly massage had no migraines or headaches for an entire month. Even if a migraine has started, a deep massage on the foot instead of around the head may provide relief from the pain and aura that is experienced with this type of headache.

5. High Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure is a common health concern with the modern lifestyle. With low levels of sleep and high levels of stress, hypertension is a strong risk factor for future heart health issues. A 10-minute foot massage just three times per week can work to lower blood pressure by 10-20 points for some individuals. Improved mood stabilization and better sleep occur over time as well when blood pressure levels stabilize.

6. Pain.

People with extremely high arches or flat feet can suffer from daily foot pain, even when wearing supportive shoes. The condition can be so extreme that any physical activity causes discomfort. That discomfort is an indication that inflammation is present. With regular foot exercise and deep massage sessions, the pain can be removed. The foot can even become more resilient to the stress placed upon it from the condition.

7. Edema

Some people retain fluid in their feet and ankles. It occurs most frequently in women who are pregnant, but everyone could suffer from this condition. A foot massage works the fluid out of the foot so that the swelling can go down.

Foot health issues should be taken seriously. A foot massage can be helpful, but isn’t a substitute for a medical intervention. If you continue to suffer from health issues, develop a treatment plan with your doctor and discuss the potential benefits of a foot massage so you can get the results you want.

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