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If you want to pamper yourself after a long day of work or working on chores at home, nothing is better than a foot spa. Not only can it soothe sore muscles, but it can help with swelling and even provide hydrotherapy features.

Many tend to ignore their feet when it comes to self-care. When you own one of the best foot spas, you’ll want to make time to sit and relax with this wonderful at-home tool.

Which Products Are the Best Today?

Foot spas come in a wide variety of styles today. Some are feature-rich models and others provide basic care. You’ll find models that can support the use of essential oils and models that use water-absorbing beads or pearls that swell to provide a lengthy relaxation experience.

Here are the top-rated models available right now in this category.

PictureNameOur RatingPower Output (Watts)Price
Ivation Foot Spa Massager 4.2 450 $$
Kendal All-in-One Foot Spa & Bath Massager 3.8 380 $$
Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa 3.8 $
Giantex Portable Foot Spa Bath Massager 3.8 500 $$
Yosager Foot Spa with Heat & Rolling Massage 4.7 500 $
Hangsun Foot Spa FM200 4.7 390 $$
Mergingx Foot Spa & Bath Massager 4.7 500 $$$
Kendal All-in-One HF Vibration Foot/Bath Massager 3.9 380 $$
Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa 3.8 $
Kendal Motorized Rolling Massage Foot Spa 3.8 950 $$$
PictureNameOur RatingPower Output (Watts)Price

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Foot Spa?

When you own a foot spa, you’re giving yourself a simple tool that can take the tension and strain away from your feet. It’s a chance to put them into a weightless environment, receive hydrotherapy, and cleanse the skin.

For those with cracked heels and other common foot health problems, a spa can provide immediate pain relief, wash away potential bacterial intrusions, and soften painful calluses so they can be later removed with a tool like a pumice stone.

Here are some of the other benefits that are possible when you own a foot spa.

  • Better circulation levels. The heat provided encourages stronger circulation throughout the feet. The added circulation can lower blood pressure, improve energy, and promote nerve health in individuals who may suffer from Type 2 diabetes.
  • Stress relief. The heat and potential aromatherapy options that a foot spa can provide are essential components of stress relief. When the tension that is stuck in your foot can be released, the pent-up tension from the rest of the body can be released at the same time.
  • Pain relief. Individuals with a diagnosis of arthritis, including rheumatic conditions, can benefit from owning a foot spa because this tool is designed to limit inflammation. The heat surrounds the numerous joints of the foot, compresses the area, and squeezes the inflammation out so the body’s natural healing mechanisms can work.

Please note: individuals who have been diagnosed with gout-like arthritis may have crystals in their joints causing inflammation and a foot spa could worsen the pain of this condition.

The reason why a foot spa works so well is that there are numerous nerve endings that can be found in the food. These nerve endings connect to various parts of the body and often transmit pain to them. If you have a sore foot, there’s a chance you could also be suffering from a headache because of that pain.

By using a foot spa at least once per day, you’ll be able to start experiencing many of these benefits personally. Many owners find that using their foot spa once in the morning, then once in the evening, provides them with the best possible results.

Does a Foot Spa Help the Body Remove Toxins?

Maybe you’ve heard about the detoxification benefits of a foot spa. Numerous sites promote this feature. Some even say that you can detox the kidneys and liver and achieve a better pH balance through the daily use of a foot spa.

“The foot detoxification… aids in clearing acne and wrinkles, strengthening the immune system, etc.”

The human body is a miracle of nature. It attempts to expel toxins in many different ways. That’s a good thing, considering we are exposed to numerous man-made toxins more than any other generation of humanity.

Numerous organs work to remove toxins, including the skin. What the skin can remove are crystalized toxins that come from food metabolism. People who eat protein-rich diet with dairy products and legumes will find their skin working overtime to remove toxins. This is the only possibility of toxin removal from a foot spa.

That is because the other organs perform different toxin removal functions.

  • The liver eliminates toxins that occur from food consumption, intestinal fermentation, and foreign bodies.
  • The kidneys remove toxins that are found in the blood and excretes them from the body when you go to the bathroom.
  • The intestines remove toxins by passing them through the digestive tract without absorbing them into the body.
  • The respiratory tract removes toxins by exhaling.
  • The lymphatic system removes toxins by working with the immune system to identify and target improper cells that may be present in the body.

Although a callus is not a toxin, many people treat them as if they were one. A callus will form to protect new skin growth. As new skin cells are produced, the old skin cells remain as a protective layer that hardens. If you touch your heel or the outside of your foot right now, you’ll feel the callus there.

A foot spa can soften the hardened skin of a callus so it can be removed. Some calluses do need to be removed because they can cause pain, especially in tight shoes. A callus with embedded foreign objects, such a splinter; need to be worked on to remove the intruder.

Over time, a dehydrated callus can crack. That crack can go deep into the new skin tissues of the foot and cause a lot of pain. Using a foot spa regularly can help to prevent that issue from occurring.

Not every callus should be removed. The human body produces a callus based on the activities it senses. If you have a tough callus on your foot, it was created to protect that area of the foot. If you remove it, the callus will return quickly and with a greater ferocity.

That means you’ll be removing thicker, harder calluses on your feet over time. A thicker callus offers a greater chance to experience cracking, especially if the skin becomes dry.

If you do need to remove a callus, use the foot spa to soften it. Then remove the smallest amount required to become comfortable once again. For many, this will limit the over-production that occurs after a full callus removal.

How to Find the Right Foot Spa for Me

Foot spas should be chosen because they fit personal needs in three categories.

  • They are large enough to fit your foot size with room to spare so your feet can be flat and comfortable.
  • It will work with whatever additives you’d like to use in the foot spa to provide a relaxing experience.
  • There will be specific massage options available that target specific foot issues that cause pain.

One of the biggest reasons for negative reviews in this category involves product consistency. With or without realizing it, many who purchase a foot spa assume that it can use essential oils within the spa. If the foot spa is not designed to work with these oils, then the oil can get into the mechanisms of the product, gum them up, and cause the unit to stop working.

Sometimes food products are added to a foot spa as well. Milk is one of the most common options, but everything from olive oil to vodka may be recommended. Many products specifically warn to use “Water Only” within the review or product description.

Flower petals, fresh herbs, and similar fresh ingredients are often added as well. Unless water jets or moving parts are part of the spa’s design, most units should accommodate this type of add-on to the relaxation experience.

You’ll want to review the best foot spa reviews to determine if essential oils, food products, or other additives are compatible with your preferred product. Many entry-level products in this category will not be compatible, so expect to pay a mid-range price at-minimum if you want this type of experience.

How Much Should I Budget for the Best Foot Spas?

Entry-level products are one of the most affordable relaxation investments that are available today. There are several options from reputable brands that are available for less than $40. Several options are also available in the $50-$75 price range that include specific features that may be of use for some households.

Mid-range units are usually priced in the $75-$100 range. At this price point, you’ll find a feature-rich product, but one that may have limited massage capabilities. The goal for this type of foot spa is to hydrate your skin, provide aromatherapy or some other additional benefit, while keeping the price somewhat affordable.

Premium models may include hydrotherapy jets and other massage related features. Any product above $100 fits into this category, but some brands may limit the other spa features, such as essential oil inclusion, within this category.

Choose the Best Foot Spa for Personal Use


The best feature of this foot spa is that it heats on its own. The element built into the design of this model takes a little time to get going, but it will heat up your water like a champ. After 15-20 minutes, it feels like your feet have their own personal sauna to use. It will also read the temperature for you, though the gauge is Celsius-based instead of Fahrenheit-based, which could be bothersome for a few folks.

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Dr. Scholl’s

The unique aspect of this design is something you’re either going to love or going to hate. You need to physically remove your foot from the water to access the massage roller and the pumice stone. If you set your heel on the roller, placing your foot down can cause you to hit the power button on the foot spa. That means you need to hold your foot in place and not everyone will enjoy doing that. There are some size restrictions with this foot spa as well. A size 12 foot can fit in it, but anything larger would require a different product.

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There are 3 pre-set programs that can be used with this particular bath massager. Each offers a different combination of the specific features that are provided by Kendal. The nicest feature, however, is the self-draining that this model does. Instead of splashing around the house with used water that has who-knows-what in it, you can just drain the water away and do a quick clean with ease. You can use essential oils in this foot spa without difficulty. Epsom salts are approved for use within it as well.

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The Ivation Foot Spa Massager is compatible with most essential oils, providing you with an aromatherapy option if desired. Larger items, such as flower petals or fresh herbs, can be added, but must be manually removed during the cleaning process. With the heat function included, it is possible to increase the water temperature above 120F. You’ll know what is going on with your massage session thanks to the push-button controls and LED display that is on the front of the unit. A slight canopy extends over the toes to prevent splashing, but on the highest settings, it is possible to have water escape every now and then.

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There’s a lot of good stuff packed into this one little foot spa. You’ve got six rollers, three on each side, to provide the entire foot with a massage. There’s enough space for larger feet, but smaller feet aren’t going to feel overwhelmed by the options. Side rollers are in place to work on the arches too. The splash guard covers about half the container, so messes are rare when using this spa. We really appreciated the one-button start, though saying the controls are foot-friendly is a little bit of a stretch. All-in-all, it’s a good purchase and we were pleased with the results.

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To be fair, this foot spa doesn’t really provide a good first impression. It’s smaller than most models, doesn’t feature an LCD display, and trying to use the central massage mechanism is surprisingly difficult. On the inside, however, is where the magic happens. There are 4 infrared sensor heads that create infrared heat to work with your water heat to create a relaxing experience. Vibration massage is included with the spa, as is the typical bubble massage in this category. It’s highly portable, fun to use, and proves you can’t judge a book – or a foot spa – by its cover.

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This multi-function model almost packs in too much stuff. You’ll receive a premium experience, however, and that makes it worth the investment. The tank is deep enough that your calves can benefit from this spa, while the water fall function provides a unique therapeutic effect. Heating therapy, water movement massage, and a full range of timers and options are available. There is even a detachable medicine container that can be added to the spa for specific prescription therapies. If you make one investment this year, consider making it this wonderful foot spa.

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Kendal All-in-One

In most instances, a foot spa priced so high and that only offered mostly manual massage options wouldn’t be worth the effort of a review. No one would purchase it. This is one of those exceptions to the rule because of the heating technologies that are included with the foot spa. It uses semiconductor technologies to speed-heat the water placed in the spa and then maintain it at a specific temperature. Double overheating protection is incorporated into the design. If you like your foot spas hot, then you’ll love what this model can provide.

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Let’s get something straight right away: this foot spa isn’t just for the kids. In fact, you may not want to let the kids near this spa at all. The small Orbeez that cascade into the spa like a waterfall absorb water and retain heat, creating a unique therapeutic experience. The strainer that comes with the spa makes heating the orbs easy and each orb acts like its own little massage node. Now the orbs are loose, so if they get out of the spa, you tend to find them like you find hidden Legos. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reuse your orbs and this will be a solid foot spa choice.

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Kendal Motorized

There’s a lot to love about this foot spa. You can adjust the temperature all the way up to 48C. You can also keep it as low as 20C if you prefer. The motorized rolling massage mechanism is like magic to the feet. Time controls are digital and easy to set. The waterfall and water wave massage is beautifully comfortable. Even the spa depth is better, allowing the entire ankle and part of the calf to receive soaking benefits. It really is one of the best massage options available today.

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The best foot spa reviews can help you find the best way to make your feet feel happy after a long day. Set one of these spas up, turn on a favorite movie, and let the cares of the world pass you by for some time.

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