My first day as a nursing supervisor was murder on my feet. According to my pedometer, I walked almost 10 miles that day. Back and forth along the halls, answering emergency calls, providing staff training… my feet were killing me by the end of the day.

“It will get better,” the executive director told me. “You’ll get used to it.”

Except I didn’t. As the days turned into weeks, the pain began to radiate from my feet to my knee. Then it extended to my hip. Pretty soon, I could barely walk out to my car at the end of my shift.

That’s when I decided to explore the possibility of massage. I’d tried compression stockings, padded shoes, and all the other stuff that gets recommended and it was massage that turned the tide.

About 20 minutes of massage before my shift, then 20 minutes after, really changed the course of my career. The pain stopped radiating up to my hip. In about a week, even the pain in my feet began subsiding.

In my research, I discovered there were awesome massagers, average massagers, and ones that didn’t even deserve to be in a landfill. This site is the fruition of that research.

It helped me. I hope it will help you as well. Life is too short to live with painful feet.

Kimberly Fields, Higher Massage.